I shot my first short film of about 30 minutes in length while living in Central America and working for CESTA Friends of the Earth El Salvador. That experience left a profound mark on me. Images of some of the encounters I made and places I visited are still vivid in my memories. I then worked for Cultural Video Foundation and several iNGOs in Kenya and other countries in that area of the world. Another great experience full of surprises, beauty and intense moments of life that further enriched my life experience. I then worked as a filmmaker in England and especially in London where I lived for many years, and more recently I also have worked in Italy.

From all these life and work experiences I have learned to interact efficiently and connect peacefully with people from all walks of life, always careful to respect the various cultures and religions I made contact with. I worked as a solo filmmaker as well as in collaborative projects covering various roles such as director, DOP, assistant director and assistant DOP, as well as video editor and 2D animator. I can work on all phases of pre and post production as a filmmaker to realise film projects of various nature and sizes. For more complex projects I rely on collaborators with adequate skills for the project in question.


I can offer the following services either as a one man band for small projects or with professional collaborators according to project type and size


Director/DOP/Camera for documentaries and other films type
Filming Events
Drone Filming

Video Editing

Editing short and long form films and documentaries
Color Correction

Immagination one frame at a time



UK: +44 (0)7871 57 3752

Italy: +39 391 728 1188

Email: mail@alfredobroccolo.net